Simona (EWA series) Digital Conversion Platform Scale

Product Description:~

EWA series of high-precision analog-digital conversion technology and special software anti-vibration technology, AC and DC, suitable for electronic scales, electronic platform scales such as the use of 1 to 4 sensors static weighing system.

  • Aluminum die-casting series weighing platform scale body as a molding die for farmers markets, logistics, small-scale factories weighing
    structure of high strength, durable;
  • scale body appearance

Power Source:-

Input: AC 120 ~ 240V

Output: DC 10V/600mA

Power Consumption:-

1.Main System: Approx. 18mA

2.Main System with Backlight: Approx. 32mA

3.Main System with Backlight and RS232: Approx. 48mA

4.Battery Duration: No back light last about 160 hrs. and with backlight last about 120 hrs.

Model:    EWA-300
  • Capacity:    300kg
  • Division:    50g
  • Platform size(mm):    630 x 420
Model:   EWA-500
  • Capacity:   500kg
  • Division:   100g
  • Platform size(mm):   650 x 600
Model:    EWA-1000
  • Capacity:    1000kg
  • Division:    500g
  • Platform size(mm):   740 x 720
Model:   EWA-2000
  • Capacity:   2000kg
  • Division:   1000g
  • Platform size(mm):   1610 x 1118

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