(BS4525 & QL450A) L-Bar Sealer and Shrink Packing Machine

FQL450A semi-auto L-type sealer and BS-4525 shrink tunnel are suitable for packing boxes, toys, electronic bricks and so on. The two machines can pack the products with a layer of plastic film, which makes the packaging more beautiful and firm.


  • Intelligent automatic temperature control.
  • Suitable for medium - sized object packaging
  • Quartz tube heating, energy saving.
  • Large motor can withstand 30 kgs.
  • With cutting function.
Model:     BS4525 + FQL450A
  • Power Supply:     380v/50Hz
  • Power:     7.5Kw
  • Conveyor Speed:     0 - 10m/min
  • Packaging Plastic Film: PVC/PP/POF
  • Shrinking Furnace Size: 450mm*250mm
  • Bearing Weight:     30Kgs.
  • Mode of Transport:   Chain Converyor
  • Weight: 196 kgs.

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