(DM) Automatic Dumpling Machine with Conveyor

The machine is used for making dumpling, samosa, spring roll pastry, empanada, wonton , ravioli,
Fried dumpling, round dumpling, square dumpling, pierogi etc. The stuffing can be meat filling,meat dishes mixed filling, vegetable stuffing.

This machine is suitable for hotels, restaurants, school canteen, factory canteen, kindergartens, quick frozen dumpling manufacturers, dining hall and so on. Machine is made of stainless steel that meets the safety food standard. Machine is fully automatic and easy to operate.

Model:       DM-200
  • Productivity:       20,000 pcs/hr
  • Voltage:        110V / 220V
  • Power:        1.75 kw
  • Dimension:      175 x 75 x 130 cm
  • Net Weight:       320 kg

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