BH Digital pH Meter

Operating Manual:-

  • Remove the protective cap and switch on the unit
  • If it is the first time of use, or used for a long time, calibration the unit.
  • Dip the electrode into the sample solution. Stir gently and wait for a few seconds till the displayed value is stable. The readout is the pH value.
  • After using, clip the electrode into distilled or deionized water. Stir gently. Then use tissue paper to gently suck the water from the glass bulb. This action must be very careful in order not to make any damage to the glass bulb.
  • When storing the pH meter, switch off the unit, put a few drops of stilled water or deionizer water on the sponge inside the cap, to rinse the glass bulb. Then put the cap onto the pH meter.
  • If the unit can not be switched on or the display fades, replace all the batteries.
Hand-help pH Meter
  • Range:   0.0 - 14.0 pH
  • Resolution:    0.1pH
  • Accuracy:     ± 0.1pH
  • Operating Temp:    0 - 50°c (P-III/PX - III ATC) (32 - 122°F)
  • Calibration:     2 points
  • Power Supply:    DC4 x 1.5V (Button Battery)
  • Weight:    90g

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