(MY380F) Code Printer Machine

The machine automatically intermittent heating and precision mechanical combination, according to
user needs, choose a code content and coding position, and set the number of sheets of play yards
fast, reliable, clear writing, playing Action code and count using photo electric switch control.

Features :~

  • The coder used in medicine, food, cosmetics, hardware and other labels, plastic bags, date, batch number, expiration date printed a variety of industries such as flexible packaging cartons, paper, plastic bags, aluminum foil and other materials surface coding.
  • The aircraft structure, stainless steel structure, photoelectric control, automatic counting, and the preset number and location of the charge sheets.
  • The use of advanced solid ink printing, writing clear, instant printing and instant dry, easy to erase.
  • The solid ink coder is an advanced contact-type thermal coder.
Model: MY-380F 
  • Power supply : 220V 50Hz  Power
  • Power : 200W
  • Coding speed : 300 / min or less
  • Code object size : 55-500 mm L 30/300 mm W
  • Dozen yards locations : 60 x 250mm be adjusted within
  • Code lines : R Type and T-5 lines up to 10 characters per line
  • Font size : 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm
  • Dimensions : 440 x 345 x 260mm  Weight
  • Weight : 23kg

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