Simona (A27) Digital Weighing Indicator


Weighing Indicator Simona A27 adopts fast speed, high precision A/D conversion technology, widely applied in electronic platform scale, electronic floor scale, and so on alike static weighing system equipped with 1-4 load cell.
Low power consumption, provided with different kinds of power saving mode.

Optional for RS232 communication with selectable baud rate and scoreboard interface sending by 20mA current loop. Various kind of weighing mode, with easy operation AC/DC both available, could be recharged during power off.

  • Basic function
  • Peak hold function
  • Animal weighing function
  • Kg/lb switch function
  • Pre-set tare weight function
  • High-or-low function
  • Weight accumulate, accumulate display, accumulate clear function
  • ZERO trucking range, ZERO setting ( switch on / manually ) range, speed rate of zero setting could be set separately.
  • Battery indication and alarm for low battery protection.
  • Input signal range -19mV-19mV
Specification :~
  • Load cell excitation: DC5V
  • Max. Connection number of load cell: 4 at 350ohm
  • Load cell connection mode: 6 wires
  • Verified counts 3000
  • Display 6 digits LED, 6status indications
  • Display range -999999-999999
  • Power supply: AC 220v: 50-60Hz DC In-built rechargeable battery

Download PDF: