Benediction (BDI2001A) Digital Weighing Indicator


1.The BDI-20011A is build for regular AC operation and a wide variety of factory preset voltages are available.

2.BDI-2001A-Load cell excitation voltage of 12V/DC with the capability of driving up to 8 load cells (350Ω) in parallel.

3.High 180,000 count internal resolution and a 15,000 display resolution delivers for the most demanding applications.

4.No need to repeatedly load and unload the calibration weight. Full digital calibration makes setting zero and span a breeze now with fine span adjustment. Calibration information is stored in non-volatile memory.

5.If provided with Li-battery back- up of 8K bytes SRAM. The information will not disappear even if power failure.

6.The settings of function and weighing parameters are all stored in the EEPROM. The storage duration is over than 40 years.

7.Two models provided with weighing check function. It can provide users with the application. (the buzzer inside)

8.Users can adjust the intensity of digits filter to avoid mechanical vibration due to external operational environments to achieve high-speed and accurate measurement.


(a) The BDI-2001A supply 20mA current loop output capable of remote indicators.

(b) A 25 pin din Socket is located on the rear panel for remote control of keyboard function.

10.OPTIONAL RS-232:- Bi-directional RS-232 can be connected to virtually and computer, printer or other peripheral.

11.It provides extended selective equipment's:

Printing output interface, to connect common printers or mini printers with various printing formats and styles.


Model:  BDI2001A Specifications input and A/D conversion:
  • Input sensitivity:  >0.6 V/D
  • Zero adjustment:  0.6mV-24mV
  • Load cell excitation:  DC 12V ± 5%, 300mA with Temperature compensation, And load cell of 350 ohm.
  • Non-Linearity: 0.01% F.S
  • Input noise:  More than 10MΩ
  • A/D conversion type:  Double-slope integration
  • A/D internal resolution:  180000
  • Sampling speed:  8 times/sec
Digital Section:
  • Maximum display resolution:  1/15000
  • Weight display:  7 digits w/ decimal point triangle pointer
  • Under zero Indication:  Minus sign
  • Minimum division:  X1, X2, X5, X10, X20, X50
  • Decimal Point placement:  Up to 3 decimal digits w/o decimal point
  • Maximum display:  750450
  • Power:  AC 220V ± 10%, 50Hz, Power dissipation of about 25VA
  • Weight:  About 3.2kg (7.054 pound)
  • Operation temp range:  -10°C  ̴ 45°C
  • Operation Humidity:  85% prohibition from dew
Standard interface connector:
  • Current Loop:  20mA output
  •   Input:   Zero Tare, Gross/Net, Acc, Print, Tare,   Clear, Contact of electric eye input
  • OP-2 Serial output interface:  RS232, 422/485
  • OP- Parallel output interface:  Printer interface

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