(DZQ400) Vacuum Packing Machine

Features : ~
It applies to the food industry, meat, sauce products, condiments, preserved fruit, grain, soy, chemicals, medicines and other particles, powder, liquid and other goods to the vacuum package filled with inert gas to prevent oxidation products, mildew, Corruption, moisture-proof, to extend the shelf life of products.This machine has a vacuum extraction (inflatable), a complete vacuum seal, vacuum switch by the time adjustment potentiometer setting, sealing temperature regulation in five files, the heating voltage transformer to achieve a different level of sealing temperature, sealing time by Digital display time relay to control.

  • shell is made of stainless steel control panel model using the new touch button
  • pre-packaging can be pre-programmed into the desired technical parameters,
  • work just press the vacuum chamber cover, i.e. automatic vacuum packaging process is complete the entire process.
Model:     DZQ-400(500)/2SB
  • Capacity(items/min):     1 –3 (items / min)
  • Air PumpSpeed (L/S):     0.55 L/S
  • SealerSize: (mm):     (L450 x W440 x H130 ) x 2
  • SourceVoltage (V):     1-Phaseand three-wire system: 220V/50Hz
  • Power (Kw/h):      1.5Kw/H
  • Pressure(Kpa):     0.2 KPa
  • Overall size: (mm):     L990 xW720 x H930
  • Net Weight(kg):     180kg

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