ELECTRONIC WEIGHBRIDGE  have three types; 1. PIT TYPE   2. SEMI-PIT TYPE  3. PITLESS TYPE weighbridge.

The weighbridges are prefabricated in a few standard lengths and may be jointed as required depending on the customer's requirements. This system provides high degree of flexibility with minimum modifications in any future expansion or bridge elongation.

The weighbridge also comes with a menu driven Vehicle Scale Management System that provides printed records of every weighing operation, thus ensuring a complete control of your daily operations

PIT Weighbridge
Suitable for use in areas of limited space, the PIT weighbridge is constructed with two main longitudinal steel I-Beams that are braced very rigidly with smaller I-Beams transversely and finally topped up with chequered plates to complete the structure.

PITLESS Weighbridge
A low profile weighbridge that is versatile and easy to install, the structure is almost identical as the former. But because it is elevated, maintenance works are far easier. This type of weighbridge is particularly suitable if relocation of site is anticipated.

SEMI-PIT Weighbridge
We successfully tested, launched and installed a new breed of weighbridges utilizing reinforced concrete. Pre-welded steel frame is cast together with reinforced concrete thus forming a completely rigid composite structure.


  • Capacity:   30,000 kgs
  • Division:   10kg
  • Platform size:   6m x 3m
  • Loadcells:   4
  • Capacity:   40,000 kgs
  • Division:   10kg
  • Platform size:   9m x 3m
  • Loadcells:   4
  • Capacity:   50,000 kgs
  • Division:   10kg
  • Platform size:   12m x 3m
  • Loadcells:   4
  • Capacity:   60,000 kgs
  • Division:   10kg
  • Platform size:   18m x 3m
  • Loadcells:   6
* Specifications are subject to change based on customer request..

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